Michael Hastings and Buzzfeed need to correct their error.
The Washington Beacon or whatever it's called was not the first to pick up on the e-mails. They did so on June 7th.
June 5th, The Common Ills.
became the first site to cover the e-mails.
The morning of June 6th, they were still covering it.

Not only is there the importance of being factually correct, it's offensive to me as a reader of The Common Ills that Michael Hastings did not get this correct. The Common Ills has repeatedly defended Hastings against the attacks from Thomas E. Ricks. I wouldn't even know the name Michael Hastings were it not for all the times the woman (C.I.) has defended Hastings.

And yet with regards to the factual record, Michael Hasting can't even get it correct that a woman broke this story?