Ann Wilson
I'm appalled by PBS's 'discussion' because it's dishonest. The report was flawed. The Morgan Jones aspect was retracted. That was about of the report which no one noted in the discussion. Equally true, no one's noted that the 'journalists' demanding her head on a platter -- like David Corn -- refuse to do their own corrections. Corn wrongly wrote -- in three different pieces over a 2 week period -- that Bill Clinton pardoned two women when, in fact, Clinton commuted their sentences. I was one of the many calling Mother Jones about that error and one of the many that was told by the woman answering the phone that it didn't matter and everyone was too busy working on stories to do a correction.
Finally Corn corrected one of his three posts . . . by insulting Clinton for pardoning Marc Rich.
Why doesn't PBS take a look at her critics and how they 'correct.' Greg Mitchell? He corrects by changing his posts and not noting he's changed it. That allows him not to ever make mistakes, I guess.
Those unfamiliar can see this (which has screen shots of the before and after):
I have no problem with a serious discussion of the issue. I do have a problem with a bunch of unethical people trying to pretend like they've got ethics.
And I have a problem with a PBS discussion that implies Logan's report was all wrong when three-quarters of it are not wrong.