I'm sorry but I don't take seriously any 'analysis' that doesn't point out the 2010 elections were decided by The Erbil Agreement, a legal contract the US pushed to give Nouri al-Maliki a second term. As The Common Ills has pointed out, Nouri used that contract to get a second term but refused to honor the promises he made to leaders of the political blocs -- promises in that contract.
If you're not going to talk about that or how Barack Obama personally called Ayad Allawi to get him to send Iraqiya back into the Parliament, then you have nothing to say. You don't know the facts.
I'm sorry but WSWS needs to do a better job covering Iraq.
For starters, address The Erbil Agreement. Note the 8 month political stalemate that came before it.
This is nonsense and reads like you haven't paid attention to events on the ground since Barack Obama became president.
By the summer of 2011, Moqtada al-Sadr, the Kurds and Iraqiya were calling publicly for Nouri to implement The Erbil Agreement. His failure to do so would lead towards an effort to hold a no-confidence vote. You miss all these details in a supposed piece of analysis.
You need to note how The Erbil Agreement went around the Iraqi constitution, went around the voters to give Nouri a second term. You need to note how the White House swore the contract had their full backing but then pretended it didn't exist.
Otherwise, you're honestly wasting everyone's time.
And I don't have time to waste and I'm sure the Iraqi people don't.
I'll also point out I am grossly offended that Nouri has been bombing residential areas of Falluja -- a known war crime -- and The Common Ills and BRussells Tribunal and Human Rights Watch can call it out but in the six months that civilians have been killed and wounded by Nouri's bombings, WSWS hasn't made this a major issue.