Even the tags are insufficient. Where's The Erbil Agreement in your analysis? This is how Nouri got the second term. It was imposed upon Iraqis in 2010. This was gone over yet again at The Common Ills yesterday:
http://thecommonills.blogspot..... noted Obama's November 2010 statement on The Erbil Agreement, "Before
I discuss the G20, I want to briefly comment on the agreement in Iraq
that's taken place on the framework for a new government. There's still
challenges to overcome, but all indications are that the government
will be representative, inclusive, and reflect the will of the Iraqi
people who cast their ballots in the last election. This agreement marks
another milestone in the history of modern Iraq. Once again, Iraqis
are showing their determination to unify Iraq and build its future and
that those impulses are far stronger than those who want Iraq to descend
into sectarian war and terror. For the last several months, the United
States has worked closely with our Iraqi partners to promote a
broad-based government -- one whose leaders share a commitment to
serving all Iraqis as equal citizens. Now, Iraq's leaders must finish
the job of forming their government so that they can meet the challenges
that a diverse coalition will inevitably face. And going forward, we
will support the Iraqi people as they strengthen their democracy,
resolve political disputes, resettle those displaced by war, and build
ties of commerce and cooperation with the United States, the region and
the world."
Why does this analysis not include The Erbil Agreement?
Why does it not note that Nouri never nominated people to head the three security ministries in his entire 4 year second term?
Why does it not note his forces killing protesters?
Why does it not note the six months of ongoing war crimes where he has bombed the residential neighborhoods of Falluja killing and wounding civilians?
This analysis is really nonsense.
'It's not Nouri!' insists the analysis that leaves out so much including his targeting of gays and lesbians, his secret prisons exposed repeatedly by the Los Angeles Times and so much more.
He's a tyrant. He's a thug.
The US put in charge in 2006 and demanded a second term for him in 2010.
He is part of the problem -- as is the US.
But this analysis is short on fact and really rushes to excuse away Nouri's very real problems.
Start including The Erbil Agreement in the discussion if you want me to even think you're attempting to offer an honest analysis.