Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I support Senator Gillibrand

I just left the following comment on Senator Gillibrand's Facebook post:

Ann Wilson With all due respect, Senator Gillibrand, thank you. Unlike the many slamming you, I'm actually a survivor. I'm a rape survivor. And maybe I wouldn't have been raped -- maybe I would have -- if we took assault seriously. I thank you for taking it seriously. What Franken did was wrong. We need to say that loudly and clearly. To those who feel the Senator should have also called out Trump, I don't believe (a) she's endorsed Trump or (b) is in his political party. With Franken -- as with the great John Conyers -- the point is for us to have a standard, to make sure that our own nests are clean. I don't hate Al Franken and I am a big admirer of the bulk of John Conyers work over the years. But that doesn't give them a pass on assault. Thank you, Senator Gillibrand, you took a brave and needed stand. I can't believe that, even today as a former Democratic staffer has come forward to Politico to talk about Franken harassing her, there are people who would rather blame you than hold Franken accountable. Well I can believe it, actually. I had to endure nonsense like that when I was in court across from my rapist. Thank you for being strong.

If you are a survivor, I would encourage you to consider going by her post (which I'm about to put up here in a minute) and leaving your own comment.

She's being slammed for what she's done.

If you're a survivor who took your attacker to court -- I did -- you may recognize the way the Senator is being attacked -- it's a lot like the shaming and blaming defense attorneys try to put on those of us who have been attacked.

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