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Larry Summers loves Jeffrey Epstein and Joe Biden loves them both

Joe Biden is using Larry Summer as part of his campaign to attack Elizabeth Warren.

Larry has time to do this because his buddy, his roll dog, his pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein is dead.  Joe loves Larry and he loves Jeffrey Epstein.

No wonder Joe sniffs the heads of young girls.

  • Larry Summers and Bill Gates at Jeffrey Epstein's mansion in May 2011, which was after he left jail and was registered as a pedphile. Summers was at Obama White House through Dec. 2010.
  • What if I told you that tracing Jeffrey Epstein's money into Harvard led me to Larry Summers, Alishar Usmanov, LUKoil Israel, some strange happenings in a Colorado district court, and... wait for it... the origins of Facebook?
  • 5. Also, any statement Larry Summers makes against wealth tax has to be weighed against fact he benefits from current inequality since as university major-domo he was showered with plutocratic largess. Addendum: Here's a photo of Summers with Jeffrey Epstein.
  • Apparently the Crimson believes journalistic ethics require them to ask ICE for a comment on student protests at Harvard, but not to ask Larry Summers for a comment on his enabling of Jeffrey Epstein at Harvard for decades.
  • To show that even some "left-leaning" economists oppose wealth tax the New York Times turned to Larry Summers, recently in the news because of his friendship with well known wealthy person who shouldn't have been taxed more Jeffrey Epstein.
  • Bill Ackman’s wife took $$ from noted art philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein for her “nature-inspired designs” at MIT. Larry Summers’ wife took $$ from noted literary patron Jeffrey Epstein for her “poetry foundation” at Harvard. It’s almost as if there’s a ruling class.
  • In addition to Rupert Murdoch, the other four members of the Genie energy board with ties to pedophile blackmailer intelligence operative Jeffrey Epstein are: - Jacob Rothschild - Bill Richardson - Larry Summers; important link on the Russia connection - Michael Steinhart
  • Reading this 2003 Harvard Crimson piece on Jeffrey Epstein made me throw up in my mouth. How is Larry Summers bulletproof on his long-term “friendship” w/ Epstein and his Lolita Express rides? No, seriously. How is he not even asked the question?
  • Also, Mr. Harvard; Explain why Harvard is keeping the money from pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, whose friend Larry Summers was a key factor in robbing Russia blind during the 1990s. Everybody should read “Harvard Boys Do Russia.” You’re affiliated with a sick organization.
  • “Experts” in our society tend to be those who get everything wrong, are friends with Jeffrey Epstein and nevertheless are paraded all over mass media as if we should be listening to them. See Larry Summers.
  • Jeffrey Epstein was entwined with "Larry Summers, Mort Zuckerman, Lewis Ranieri, Ronald Perelman, Tom Pritzker, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and Florida neighbor Donald Trump" Ignore those from your team, but shriek about those from the other side!
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    Everyone's posting a picture of Larry Summers with Jeffrey Epstein but I'd like to add Larry Summers with Joe Biden.
  • Larry Summers, currently on CNBC, seen here with Jeffrey Epstein
  • But wait, there's more. Besides longtime pal Larry Summers, others on the Genie Advisory Board are connected to Jeffrey Epstein! Small world isn't it?
  • Ugh. If anyone still defends Larry Summers' comments on women when he was President (they were always terrible): see. exhibit. A. Those ideas, in the Jeffrey Epstein context? Misogyny was at the tip top of American academia, this century.
  • From a 2011 profile: Jeffrey Epstein's "current fan club extends to... Larry Summers, Harvard’s current president." Because of course.
  • Exactly. Also Larry Summers. Also Bill Richardson. Also Michael Steinhardt who is much less well-known but that is over half of the advisory board who is connected to Jeffrey Epstein.
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    The only thing we need to hear about from Larry Summers is more about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.
  • 2003: “He likes Larry Summers a lot,” Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz says. “He speaks well of Larry, and I think he admires Larry’s economic thinking.”
  • Years ago I ended up on the other end of an argument with both Larry Summers and Bill Gates on social impact and philanthropy. Now I see them flanking Jeffrey Epstein. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  •  यांना प्रत्युत्तर देत आहे
    I want someone to ask Larry Summers how friendly he was with Jeffrey Epstein, and did he think that a guy who was the economic advisor to the president should be hanging around a level 3 Sex offender.
  • i love how there's still inspirational commercials with stephen hawkings voiceovers hardly anyone who cavorted with jeffrey epstein on his child sex island has faced any consequences since that weird suicide of his. 🤔 larry summers still gets invited to conferences...

  • This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

    Wednesday, November 6, 2019.  Joe Biden's so desperate he's got a pedophile Epstein connected man helping his campaign.

    In the US, the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination continues.  The press favorite, War Hawk Joe Biden, remains tone deaf and the press continues to avoid addressing the very real problems with Joe.

    Let's start with sexism.

    Oct 31
    Replying to
    Alyssa Milano the me-too movement Alyssa Milano headlining a fundraiser for the biggest sexist in the Democratic presidential field Joe Biden and Joe Biden sexism to the sunrise movement

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    Alyssa Milano complains (rightfully) about sexism in Hollywood and then hosts a fundraiser for Joe Biden, a man who inappropriately fondles little girls and women, a man who talks down to women and treats them as if they are idiots?!? Milano is full of sh*t! Biden is a pig.

    That is Joe's image.  Is he trying to improve it?

    Earlier this week, Cedric ("Joe wants your vote but he doesn't want to interact with you"), Wally ("THIS JUST IN! WORTHLESS JOE BIDEN INSULTS YOUNG VOTERS!") and Ann ("Neither Joe Biden nor Alyssa Milano give a damn about women") addressed this issue of Joe's interaction with Lily Levin.  Lily had concerns about climate change.  Joe responded to this prospective supporter (and you can be sure she will be voting -- not for Joe, though) by responding, "Look at my record, child."

    An adult woman, a voter, asks a question and he dismisses her as a "child."  What's next?  New Corn Pop stories where Corn Pop's a "boy"?

    Joe's a sexist pig.  He didn't just fail Anita Hill, according to the recent remarks of what he told Republican senators in real time, he worked to actively undermine her.

    As Anita's noted, he needs to take accountability.

    He's a sexist pig who belongs on a rocker on the front porch, not in the Oval Office.

    He does not improve, he does not learn.

    Earlier this week, Ryan Grim (THE INTERCEPT) reported:

    As the Joe Biden campaign mounts its opposition to a new Medicare for All financing plan rolled out by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, it is directing reporters to former Obama adviser Larry Summers for his bits of wisdom, according to an email obtained by The Intercept.
    [. . .]
    Summers’s lifelong dream of chairing the Federal Reserve — a position he was promised in exchange for agreeing to serve as a senior economic adviser — was thwarted in 2013 by a bloc of progressive-populist senators on the Banking Committee, with Warren playing a lead role internally. Warren helped organize an outside coalition of Summers opponents, including organized labor and women’s groups, while her ally, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., made the public case against him. Once Merkley and Warren locked up five votes on the committee, Summers had no path to confirmation and withdrew his name. He may be most well-known as an advocate of financial deregulation while serving in the Clinton administration.
    According to the email, which The Intercept agreed not to publish to protect the source, the Biden campaign is making Summers available to speak on Warren’s health care plan, which Biden attacked on Friday. Summers, through a spokesperson, declined to comment. “We provided contact information for a number of healthcare and economic policy experts — all of whom have relevant backgrounds in government, academia, or both but none of whom are surrogates for the campaign — and he was one of them,” said a Biden campaign spokesperson.

    It's hard not to scream.

    About Joe?

    About the whole f**king system.

    So here we are and I don't know what to call it, to steal from Maria McKee.

    Where are the women or the men who are aware because I'm scanning the horizon and I'm not seeing it.

    I'm not seeing any improvement from 2008.

    Where is the media?

    Joe Biden is using Larry Summers?

    Laura Strickler (NBC NEWS) reported on Jeffrey Epstein last July:

    In a 2003 Vanity Fair article that referred to “the Epstein Program for Mathematical Biology and Evolutionary Dynamics” at Harvard, Epstein said he was reluctant to have his name attached to the program, but Harvard President Larry Summers “persuaded” him.

    Also last July, E J Dickson (ROLLING STONE) noted:

    Former Harvard president and secretary of the treasury Larry Summers boasted a close relationship with Epstein: the two served on multiple foreign relations advisory panels together, and their friendship was detailed at length in a glowing Harvard Crimson profile of Epstein, who had just donated $30 million to the university. Summers and other former Harvard officials who had close ties to Epstein declined to comment for a 2018 follow-up piece on Epstein following the publication of the Miami Herald report.

    Ashley Feinberg (SLATE) observed:

    Claim to fame: Former president of Harvard, former Clinton treasury secretary
    Connection: A Harvard Crimson article from 2003 noted that Epstein shared “a special connection” with Summers, adding that “their friendship began a number of years ago—before Summers became Harvard’s president and even before he was the Secretary of the Treasury—and those close to Epstein say he holds the University president in very high regard.” Epstein pledged $30 million for Harvard to create the Epstein Program for Mathematical Biology and Evolutionary Dynamics, though he only agreed to have his name attached after being persuaded by Summers himself. Appears in Lolita Express flight logs, and, according to the Daily Beast, Epstein’s private charity also “funded a nonprofit that produces a TV show hosted by the wife of Larry Summers.”
    On Epstein: As far as I can tell, Summers has never commented on his relationship with Epstein.

    How was this not the lede the minute Joe tapped Larry to respond for his campaign?

    Does it not matter, Ryan Grim?

    I don't understand how your brain works.

    Because when I read that Joe's using Larry, my immediate thought is: Child molester.  Pedophile.

    Oh, is Larry innocent?

    Where's the proof of that?

    What we do know is that he was friends with and worked with a convicted pedophile.  What we do know is he traveled on The Lolita Express.

    And Epstein died in custody August 10th.  It's only November.

    In what world is it appropriate for any political campaign to be pulling Larry in?  Let alone a sexist and tone deaf campaign?

    This is outrageous.  Or does it not matter when young girls are raped?

    Are we still stuck in last century thinking?

    Where is the press?

    This is not a minor issue.  Lawrence is being presented to the press to offer expert defense of Joe Biden.  Larry is not an expert.  His entire name and image is muddled.  His own actions have made that so.  The notion that he's worth listening to is outrageous.

    Larry's  a whole ball of wax of problematic.   Women can't do science, it's genetic -- remember when Larry floated that crap?  If not, here's a 2015 PRI report.  To Ryan Grimm's credit, he is aware of that and notes it -- in the final sentence of the report: "After all, he was fired as Harvard University president after speculating in prepared remarks that women are less equipped to do math and science than men."

    That should have been the focus of the report.  Larry is a sexist pig, Larry was side-by-side with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and did his ride-or-die with Jeffrey on The Lolita Express.

    Not only should no one be listening to Larry, the story should be, "Look at how desperate Joe Biden is.  He's so desperate and he hates women so much, that he's using this guy to attack Elizabeth Warren."

    Joe's past choices -- betraying Anita Hill, destroying Iraq (both with his vote for the war and his actions when Barack put him in charge from 2009 through the end of 2016), the crime bill, the crackdown on consumers to make them debt slaves to banks forever, etc -- scream that he is not qualified to be president.  His actions since declaring this latest run go to his refusal to learn from any of his past mistakes.

    If Larry Summers is your go to, the press should be calling you out.  If they're not?  I guess they're okay with pedophiles and that's why so many get away with it -- the press doesn't really see it as a problem.

    Remember though, Hunter Biden did nothing wrong!!!! He broke every ethical guideline (as did Joe) but Joe says he did nothing wrong.

    Joe's moral compass appears to be on the fritz.

    He's not fit to be president.  No one running for the presidency this year should be associating with anyone who took a ride on The Lolita Express -- it's bad optics, it's bad politics and it is disgusting and unseemly.

    I'm wondering if anyone ever asked Joe Biden his plan to finance the Iraq War.

    Turning to Iraq . . .

    Anti-government protests that started in Iraq over a month ago have escalated into countrywide violence and demands for the government to resign. Some 270 people have lost their lives.

    The US Embassy in Baghdad issued the following earlier today:

    The United States has a strong and abiding interest in a secure and prosperous Iraq able to defend the nation against violent extremist groups and able to deter those who would undermine Iraqi sovereignty and democracy.  As the world watches events in Iraq unfold it is increasingly clear that the Government of Iraq and the country’s political leaders must engage seriously and urgently with Iraqi citizens who are demanding reform. There is no path forward based on suppression of the will of the Iraqi people.  
    We deplore the killing and kidnapping of unarmed protesters, threats to freedom of expression, and the cycle of violence taking place. Iraqis must be free to make their own choices about the future of their nation.

    Let's note it's the strongest statement the US government has ever made in defense of the Iraqi people protesting -- that includes the 2011 protesters.  That includes 2013 protesters and let's note their banner.

    From Samarra من سامراء

    Iraqis in Samarra with a message for the world (photo via Iraqi Spring MC).

    "As the world watches"?  That's what the statement issued today says.

    AP wants you to know that there is a long simmering rage against Iran in Iraq.  Is that really a surprise?  Look at the 2013 banner: "Iraqis Did not Vote for an Iranian Dictatorship."

    It's always been there.

    There's more than anger between Iraq and Iran.  There's also bonds of support.

    But as we've repeatedly noted, the fear that Iran will be in charge of Iraq has never been a valid one.  They are neighbors.  That brings associations and, due to their past, it brings friction.

    Smart approaches would include just standing back, not trying to influence anything between the two.  Moqtada al-Sadr is now not just a Shi'ite cleric but also a movement leader.  Part of that is due to his work.  Part of it is due to the US.  Condi Rice felt the need to empower him repeatedly.  He would be fading and then Condi would need to attack him and that would make some Iraqis rally behind him.  If she wanted him to fade away, she should have kept her mouth shut instead of constantly elevating him to leadership with her attacks.

    The same thing is true of the US with regards to Iran.

    Trina wanted me to note this and I'm moving quickly and hoping everyone (community members) can remember what I was saying before about this in the community newsletter.  But the reality is that the press whips up sentiment and often the US press does so in a way that harms others.  They have been pushing so hard for war on Iran.

    If it helps any, grasp that they're so stupid.  They can't even provide details that help them.

    They're lazy so they write about the protest as though it started in October.

    They ignore what really kicked it off: The firing of someone because the Iranian-linked militias wanted him fired.  That's a key detail.  And if you're pimping war on Iran, you should probably have been including it.  But that's how useless and stupid they are, they missed that reality.

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