Saturday, November 10, 2018

Some Green Tweets

Some Green Tweets:

  • We only have a few final cases of older Green Pages in stock. Great for having content at your table or convention. They are the last of the printed copies in stock from the archives. Help us clean the shelves off and just pay shipping
  • Prominently displaying the logo in Spanish, it is the go-to t-shirt for all party members. Unisex Fit | 100% Cotton. Union-made in the U.S.A.
  • Many thanks to for allowing me to share my thoughts on the midterms.
  • Have you contacted your State Party? Are they active? Do you have a local Green Party? How to get involved.
  • Congratulations to Bruce Delgado for winning re-election as Mayor of Marina, CA
  • Democrats: "Blame Greens for spoiling!" Translation #1: "Pay no attention to the numerous reasons why Democratic candidates lose so often to really awful Republicans! Translation #2: "We'd rather continue losing elections than work to enact !"
  • Kenneth Mejia and Rodolfo Cortes Barragan - THANK YOU for incredible Get Out The Vote work! So sorry my emergency appendectomy (yikes) on Oct 25 stopped me from being with you in LA on Oct 27, but hope to gather another time!
  • I support Angela Green’s right to have run, and I applaud the 40k people who chose an alternative to the corporate two-party system in Arizona! No one owns your votes—especially those that make simple presumptions on your preferences and shame you instead of dialogue.
  • A short "Mission Accomplished" video from Howie Hawkins, who for the third time in a row won ballot status for the Greens. Need to organize to win single payer health care and pass the Off Act to halt fossil fuels and move to 100% clean energy.
  • Cheri Honkala, 2012 Green Party vice presidential candidate, found herself purged from voter rolls when she tried to vote today

  • And some Tweets from Jill Stein:

    1. Neera seems worried about media looking at the latest election capers in DWS land. Speaking of helping Republicans, remember when Debbie sabotaged Sanders & gave the election to Trump? How about the DNC's Pied Piper strategy to use their media cronies to promote Trump?
    2. Tim Canova ran 2x against Wasserman Schultz, who was caught rigging DNC primary against Bernie. Broward elections supervisor was caught destroying ballots from 1st Canova-DWS race after court order to preserve ballots. Need to investigate if DWS & co. robbed progressives again.
    3. Signs that something’s rotten in Broward: -still counting votes 3 days after the election -46K votes found day after election -people caught on tape loading ballots into rented truck -election supervisor destroyed vs Wasserman-Schultz 2016 ballots against court order
    4. With Florida heading for a recount with Governor & Senate seats at stake, media needs to investigate suspicious activity in Broward County. raising alarm about suspect handling of ballots in county where Election Supervisor admitted destroying 2016 ballots illegally.

    And, though he didn't win, he did amazingly well.

    1. WE DID GREAT! 25k votes (26%) & counting as a GREEN & 100% ALL-VOLUNTEER ran campaign w/ little money & no media coverage is HUGE considering is a big Blue district where only 0.6% are Green, we were outraised/spent 11+ to 1, & all you see on Media is red=bad/blue=good. 💚

    This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

    Friday, November 9, 2018.

    Dog Eat Dog
    It's dog eat dog
    I'm just waking up
    The dove is in the dungeon
    And the white washed hawks
    pedal hate and call it love
    Dog Eat Dog
    Holy hope in the hands of
    Snakebite evangelists and racketeers
    And big wig financiers

    Dog Eat Dog
    On prime time crime the victim begs
    Money is the road to justice
    and power walks it on crooked legs
    Prime Time Crime
    Holy hope in the hands of
    Snakebite evangelists and racketeers
    and big wig financiers

    Where the wealth's displayed
    Thieves and sycophants parade
    And where it's made
    the slaves will be taken
    Some are treated well
    In these games of buy and sell
    And some like poor beasts
    Are burdened down to breaking

    Dog Eat Dog
    It's dog eat dog ain't it Flim Flam man
    Dog eat dog you can lie cheat skim scam
    Beat' em any way you can
    Dog eat Dog
    You'll do well in this land of
    Snakebite evangelists and racketeers
    You could get to be
    a big wig financier

    Land of snap decisions
    Land of short attention spans
    Nothing is savored
    Long enough to really understand
    In every culture in decline
    The watchful ones among the slaves
    Know all that is genuine will be
    Scorned and conned and cast away

    -- "Dog Eat Dog," written by Joni Mitchell, first appears on her classic 1985 album DOG EAT DOG

    Thieves and sycophants parade?  Hey, Joe, where you going with that award in your hand?  Off to War Hawk Land?  To give it to Bully Boy Bush?

    A war criminal will get the Liberty Medal and Joe Biden will hand it to him. ⁦⁩ is not your friend.

    As the far-right is emboldened across the country, the "compassionate conservative" George W. Bush is being awarded for his service to veterans. Sign and Share this petition.

    Thank you, FL veterans for letter...a medal for Bush, the one who lied us into war with Iraq, causing deaths of thousands, horrific physical, and mental devastation to thousands...beyond the pale, disgraceful. Shame on you, Joe Biden.

    Damn It, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama, Stop Rehabilitating George W. Bush! | The Nation

    , why is war criminal, Geoge W. Bush, being presented with the Liberty Medal? , why are you participating in this travesty?

    Will Bunch:

    It's a pretty safe bet that no one on the Constitution Center's panel that selected the Bushes for the now-tarnished Liberty Medal consulted with the Iraq-born novelist Sinan Antoon, who wrote in the New York Times in March that "Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country" and noted that estimates of as many as one million dead mean the war "is often spoken of in the United States as a 'blunder,' or even a 'colossal mistake,' " but, he writes, "It was a crime."
    Nor did the panel likely investigate the "blessings" that America under Bush's leadership bestowed upon Lakhdar Boumediene, a Bosnian national scooped up in 2001 by U.S. intelligence on baseless allegations and flown to the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, where during nine years of imprisonment he said he was kept awake for days at a time, forced into uncomfortably painful positions, and brutally force-fed during a hunger strike. "These are things I do not want to write about," he wrote. "I want only to forget."
    Apparently America only wants to forget the Bush years as well. (The Iraqi Antoon complained of our "mostly amnesiac citizenry" after watching Bush do a happy dance with liberal TV host Ellen DeGeneres.) 


    Where the wealth's displayed
    Thieves and sycophants parade
    And where it's made
    the slaves will be taken
    Some are treated well
    In these games of buy and sell
    And some like poor beasts
    Are burdened down to breaking

    War Criminals are celebrated.  Everything comes with a price tag, eh, Ellen?

    US Senate Affirms Support for Child Soldiers and Child Sex Slaves.

    BREAKING: Calif. bar mass shooting suspect identified as Ian Long, 29, several law enforcement officials tell -

    : Neighbors are saying David Ian Long was a veteran who suffered from PTSD, "I have no idea what he was doing with a gun"

    He suffered with Post-Traumatic Syndrome?  But, by all means, let's give Bully Boy Bush an award for his 'work' with veterans -- you know, for killing them and wounding them.  For using them to try to distract from his War Crimes?

    And let's pretend, while we're at it, that the wars themselves don't destroy the Ian Longs.  No, every veteran is not going to end up hurting people.  (Veterans with violence issues traditionally turn the violence on themselves.  Which does explain the high rates of  suicide.)  And there's no need to give rise to a stereotype.  But there's also no reason to deny that these ongoing wars effect a large number of people -- including those who serve in them.

    Now it doesn't effect Bully Boy Bush.  He's still dumber than dirt.  His wallet's a lot thicker but he's still Satan incarnate and, if there's a hell, he'll get to know it quite well.

    But Bully Boy Bush didn't serve in Iraq.  He sent others to serve.  He didn't serve himself.  He was too busy doing other things.  Hence the incomplete National Guard records.

    Bully Boy Bush was happy enough to send men and women into war and he was happy enough to not "do body counts" (a lie, as we found out during the last week of KNIGHT RIDDER", in a Nancy Youssef report).  Now he thinks he can emerge from beneath his rock and accept an award.  The delusions of the entitled.

    Shame on Joe Biden.  I love Joe but I'm appalled and this isn't something I'll forget.  If he gives out that award, I will not support him in a 2020 run.  His presenting that award shows he learned nothing from the Iraq War -- that he voted for.  He's learned nothing.  That makes him worse than Hillary.  Yes, she gave a weak ass apology but it's a hell of a lot better than what Joe Biden's about to do.

    The Iraq War continues and bully Boy Bush is getting an award -- and Joe Biden's handing it to him.

    XINHUA reports of 'liberated' Mosul, "At least three people were killed and 11 others wounded in a car bomb explosion near a restaurant in the west of the city of Mosul, the capital of Iraq's northern province of Nineveh, a local police source said Thursday."

    That's Bully Boy Bush's legacy.  "The war on terror."  He was the terror.  Iraq, Afghanistan, these wars continue and their death toll increases.  AFP notes:

    A report of the study conducted by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs put the toll between 4,80,000 and 5,07,000 people, but said the actual number is likely to be higher since there are “limits in reporting”.

    Now those deaths do not rest solely with Bully Boy Bush.  Barack Obama continued those wars.  Donald Trump continues them now.  And there were a lot of people in Congress -- Joe Biden, that includes you -- who signed off on them.

    For Iraq alone, Brown's study counts 295,00.  And, as the study notes, this is an undercount.

    How many people have to die before Joe Biden's bothered enough not to hand an award to Bully Boy Bush?

    Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM) observes:

    This is admittedly a dramatic under-report of people killed in the wars, as it only attempts to calculate those killed directly in war violence, and not the massive number of others civilians who died from infrastructure damage or other indirect results of the wars. The list also excludes the US war in Syria, which itself stakes claims to another 500,000 killed since 2011.
    The report also notes that over 60,000 US troops were either killed or wounded in the course of the wars. This includes 6,951 US military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11.

    The Brown study also faults the US for having done very little in the last 17 years to provide transparency to the country about the scope of the conflicts, concluding that they are “inhibited by governments determined to paint a rosy picture of perfect execution and progress.”

    Iraq remains destroyed.  The war continues.  The occupation continues.

    Kirk Sowell (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) examines the latest government:

    Adel Abdul-Mahdi—a former minister of finance, minister of oil, and vice president of Iraq—barely managed to secure a confidence vote for two-thirds of his cabinet on October 25. The former member of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), a Shia Islamist party, was nominated prime minister on October 2. But he has since nearly failed to launch his government, which will face pressure from a population frustrated by years of failures on security and public services.
    The roots of Abdul-Mahdi’s weak government lie in the manner in which the prime minister himself was elected. After he resigned as minister of oil in 2016, Abdul-Mahdi left ISCI to become an independent and did not run in the May 2018 parliamentary elections. However, on May 23 he published a Facebook post explaining why he could not be prime minister because all the reforms he would want to implement would be opposed by many. These included such broad changes as moving away from the rentier state, strengthening state institutions and ensuring their independence from political influence, reining in illegal militia activity, and reducing the influence of tribalism.
    This pitch aligned well with the rhetorical vision of populist Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who has long associated himself with such themes. The political class was focused for much of the summer on the struggle over Haider al-Abadi’s effort to secure a second term. Yet once the fallout over Basra’s massive water pollution crisis ended Abadi’s hopes in early September, Sadr quickly backed Abdul-Mahdias a replacement, and Barham Salih designated him to head the next government immediately after his own election as president on October 2. Sadr conditioned his support two days later by declaringthat he was giving Abdul-Mahdi “a period of one year to prove his success.” This gives Sadr the option to take credit for the government’s success if it does well or turn against it next year if protests over poor public services swell again.
    Moreover, the coalition nominating him was unclear and fractured. Although Sadr was the driver behind his nomination, the only figure who actually ran in the election whose approval was essential for Abdul-Mahdi’s candidacy was Hadi al-Ameri—leader of the Badr Organization and head of the Fatah Alliance, which with 48 seats is the second largest in parliament after the 54 for Sadr’s Sairun. The process was so opaque that Iraqi journalists were uncertain which of these blocs had nominated him.
    Sadr and Amiri, being political rivals with very different worldviews, also never agreed on a specific policy program or even a method of choosing ministers, with Sairun giving Abdul-Mahdi full discretion to nominate their share of the ministries while Amiri’s Fatah insisted on naming specific ministers. Furthermore, Abdul-Mahdi conducted separate bilateral negotiations for ministerial positions with Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law Coalition (SLC) and the Sunni Arab National Axis Alliance, even though they were technically both part of Amiri’s Construction Bloc (Bina). Without agreements with both parties, they likely would have blocked passage of his cabinet, but this situation also underlines Abdul-Mahdi’s lack of a unified coalition. His bilateral agreements with parties do nothing to bind them to each other into a working majority capable of passing legislation or approving executive appointments.
    The lack of a real coalition behind the new government became evident when parliament met to approve the proposed cabinet on October 24. Abdul-Mahdi got off on the wrong foot during his speech presenting his government program by failing to make more than passing reference to the demands of Sunni Arab MPs—such as reconstruction and the return of Sunni provinces’ displaced citizens. This led Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi of Anbar to push through a motion to incorporate a list of Sunni demands into Abdul-Mahdi’s prepared text regarding the government’s program, holding a vote to approve his statement before the body could proceed to consider ministers.

    15 years and counting, still the Iraq War continues and no one responsible for starting the war or continuing it deserves any award.

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