Saturday, May 4, 2019

How crazy is Rachel Maddow?

Rachel Maddow wants us to go to war. She is completely unhinged and anyone who is still watching her and thinks she is telling the truth has to be living in some kind of delusional reality.

Is she insane?  Or is she just a good corporate whore desperate to please her masters?

Rachel Maddow needs to be rejected by everyone.

It's bad enough she tried to whip up hysteria against Russia for the last years, now she's screaming for war on Venezuela.

  1. has traveled a long way from her days in AirAmerica radio, its sad. And her "Russiagate" show is tired. Regardless, this clip seems more mocking discordance betw Trump & Bolton-Pompeo axis, than support war with venezuela. I may be wrong though, I don't watch her show.
  2. If you want more evidence that is a political hack. She is so opposed to , she willing to align herself with the neocons and to expand the empire. inc.

  1. Oh, ugh... now Maddow is pushing regime change in Venezuela???? WTF?
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    How times have changed. Now we have so-called "liberals" such as itching for war with Venezuela and a new Cold War with Russia.
  3. This is awful & dangerous: Rachel Maddow wants Venezuela war to stop 'the Russians' via
  4. When her framing is such that she agrees with lies and propaganda coming from Bolton and Pompeo, she is complicit in supporting them. That's why. Russia, Cuba, China are NOT controlling Venezuela, that's crazy talk.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Friday, May 3, 2019.  The world doesn't need more Keith Olbermanns -- especially not in the White House but reactionary Democrats who are too vapid to come up with their own issues to take before the American people instead want to forever play response mode to Donald Trump.

Leave it to the Democratic Party to make Donald Trump look better by comparison.

On campuses, where Donald Trump is not hugely popular or even popular, the Democrats are managing to make themselves even less popular with this nonsense. Who are the obstructionists?  They better grasp that they are -- in the eyes of many, they are.

I understand that feeling.  To me, they've morphed into the hideous Keith Olbermann and his 'worst person of the week.'  Every day is an outrage and nothing is ever good enough and this person must go and off with this head and impeach this and resign immediately!!!!!!

They come off like hot heads who don't have a bit of common sense let alone the patience or the maturity to govern.

Attorney General William Barr before he testifies?  Arrest him!!!!!  After he testifies?  He must resign!!!!

They're are too strident, they are way too vocal and they do not appear to grasp, even for a moment, how ridiculous they are coming off.

If there was one thing that they should have been able to campaign on in 2020, it should have been "Leadership requires maturity."  But they are coming off as impulsive and explosive as Donald Trump himself, if not more so.

There are real issues facing the American people.  That's what the American people want to hear about.  They want to see leadership.  They're not seeing it at all.

The only good thing to come of this is that Joe Biden's lead is going to fall.  He was supposed to offer maturity.  That's what his backers -- especially among super-delegates -- have insisted.  Yes, he's too far to the right, they would allow, but he's going to show maturity and that's going to cinch the nomination.

His call for Barr to resign not only makes him look ridiculous for the same reason it's making the others look ridiculous, it makes him look ridiculous because he is on the record praising Barr repeatedly over the years.  So he looks ike the fool who rushes after each trend in an attempt to appear relevant.

The Russia fear mongering has wasted the time and money of the American people who are not that fond of paying taxes to begin with but who damn well expect -- and have every right to -- that their tax money will go to a functioning government.  That's not happening.

For those who want to be president, they need to grasp this is the only time that they have to define themselves.  In a few more months, the press will be clearly defining them.  Instead of coming off as hot-headed reactionaries right now, they should be doing their best to come off as presidential, they should be doing their best to define who they are.  Instead, every day they're in response mode reacting to this or that, feeding the daily rage.

Tulsi Gabbard could easily do this and has repeatedly done so, but for some very strange reason she's disappeared despite being a four-term Congresswoman. I just interviewed her today in DC & she's very clear about her reasons for running

Nate Silver is a ridiculous piece of trash.  Elaine's long called him out for his stupidity and we all knew he was wrong about the 2016 election.  He lives in an uninformed bubble and encounters only people who think like him.  He's also just another gatekeeper trying to prevent real candidates from emerging.  Yes, Tulsi is a real candidate.

Why does the Left hate Tulsi Gabbard so much? Full Story:

The media loathes her -- that's Nate, that's the ugly (and painted -- is it paint or spackle, she lays it on so thick to try to hide those acne scars) Samantha Bee, everyone -- and you should be asking yourself why that is.  She's running on issues.  She's a real candidate.

Doubt me?  Look at this fat and ugly bitch below:

Ok fine, I'm calling it. If you're a (straight) (white) man & you're a Democrat & you've decided this is your year? You're functionally sexist. Throw your support to one of the women who's not Tulsi Gabbard. They're all as good or better than you.

Emily's so ugly, I thought she was a man and had to really look at her photo to see she wasn't.  Fat and ugly, a failed journalist desperate to fit in, she's trashing Tulsi Gabbard.  Why?  Because she wants to fit in with someone somehow.  She needs money. She wants to be liked.

Exactly what position does Tulsi hold that is so repugnant?

That we don't need forever wars?

Emily knows she's got to eat -- she's got to eat a lot.  And she knows who butters her bread.  So she attacks Tulsi.

She is one of those pretend feminists.  We saw them being bred by Ms. Magazine in the middle of the last decade when Smeal started sponsoring those b.s. 'security' events.  These fat f**ks think they can use gender to advance themselves.  They're not about feminism.  They're not about improving women's lives.

War destroys and war destroys the lives of women and children more than it does the lives of men.  That's among the reasons that peace is a feminist issue.

Let's stay on this topic for a moment.  Lizz Winstead with her cry for eternal abortions think she's a feminist.  She's not.  She's an ugly woman, yes, and the press stereotype used to be that only ugly women were feminists so maybe Lizz bought into that stereotype?  Who knows?  What I do know is that when she tried to do some form of DAILY SHOW as a stage production, she was castigating Republicans.  Now I agreed with the issues she called them out on.  But, thing is, when Democrats pick up those same banners, Lizz is silent.

She's not a feminist and we need to start being clear about what is and isn't a feminist.

Smeal and a lot of other women should have publicly apologized to Afghan women years ago.  Like their she-ro Hillary Clinton, they're unable to apologize.  They're unable to admit and own their mistakes.  They are wallowing in layers of macho and manly and can't escape that.  Prisoners who accept their chains can never be part of a liberation effort.

We could have a better country but we're not going to get there chasing more of the same.

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The Iraq War is 16 years old (this phase of it) and fat and ugly trash like Emily L. Hauser want to deem Tulis the wrong candidate while glomming onto men and women who won't even address the topic of war.

Amber Ruch (KFVS) reports Kentucy Governor Matt Bevin's ordered flags "to half-staff" to note the April 20th death of Spc Ryan Dennis Orin Riley -- who was 22 and on his first deployment to Iraq:

Services for Spc. Riley will be held at 12 p.m. on Monday, May 6 at Richmond Church of Christ, 1500 Lancaster Road. Burial will follow with full military honors at Madison County Memorial Gardens, 210 West Rice Lane.

It is a failure of the US government that the Iraq War continues.  A 16-year-war?  Where are the leaders?  Do you really think FDR could have sold a sixteen year war or would have tried?  This is not leadership.  This is a failure of the American people.  It is a waste of our money.  It is using service members as toys on a battlefield.  It disrespects life and democracy.

And after 16 years, it should be the front issue in any presidential campaign -- even if fat f**ks like Emily L. Huaser don't give a damn.  The rest of us should.  We should be outraged that our nation's children are repeatedly sent to the same battlefields, are repeatedly deployed to do the bidding of corporations.

The US government is not representing the American people.  "Auntie Maxie" is making sure that she and her crooked husband have all the money they want.  The American people have very few friends in the US Congress.  And that's obvious as you watch this nonsense of petty bulls**t about "You lied!" as opposed to seeing actual governance.

The system is broken and more of the same won't fix it.  More of the same will ensure that something new arises because a non-functioning government eventually gets replaced -- with something better or with something worse.

But the Emily L. Juaser's don't care.  They're begging for crumbs and will continue begging until the empire falls.  They have no idea about what happens in their own country, let alone in the world around us.

BAP's Margaret Kimberley () on : "If [the U.S. government] told people what they really did, they would have no support." Watch the whole interview 👇🏿 
Amazing for BAP member organization to experience May Day in Cuba, a country that has effectively resisted the U.S. empire to create a workers' state.
The United States cannot compete with China and Russia's efforts in Africa, hence the U.S. military presence, says Maurice Carney of BAP member organization . Watch the whole interview 👇🏿
We oppose the U.S. attack on Venezuela. But don't be fooled. The "coup attempt" was 70 of men in uniform who we're told are defectors, posing with Guaido. This is a psy-op meant to give Guaido credibility. Still dangerous but no coup.
Few expressions of revolutionary solidarity compare to rolling up your sleeves and working up a sweat with The People.
  • BREAKING: BAP condemns the Trump administration’s attempt to impose a U.S. puppet government on the people of Venezuela. Pls RT 👇🏿
    Demonstrating solidarity with the embattled Bolivarian republic of Venezuela is today’s litmus test of anti-imperialism. Check out what African/Black people have been doing at the latest battleground—the Venezuelan embassy (). 👇🏿

    Donald Trump's presidency should have given Americans the ability to rally against what the US does in the rest of the world.  But the Emily Hausers are too busy -- far too busy -- propping up warmongers in the Democratic Party to give a damn about what goes on in the rest of the world.

    That's how we ended up with the Iraq War -- a bi-partisan crime.  That's how Iraq remains in ruins and we support -- with our tax dollars, with our children -- a US imposed regime that perpetuates the circle of violence in Iraq.

    As Iraq prepares to repatriate 30,000 citizens who left the Islamic State's final pocket, officials are pressing to isolate them in what would effectively be an open-air detention camp. Aid groups have pushed back, but challenges ahead are huge. Our piece.
  • Iraq wants to build a camp for the 30,000 Iraqi ISIS supporters due to be sent back from Syria, but aid workers disagree, writes in her 1st dispatch from Baghdad with the Post’s . Some grim details of the existing camps

    We've noted Tulsi Gabbard above.  There's another woman seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination who also cares about issues of war and peace, Marianne Williamson.

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