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Call Me Kat has its worst episode yet

I find myself wishing that FOX would cancel Call Me Kat.  Sorry.  I was asking myself why I keep watching?  The reason is Cheyenne Jackson.  I like Randi and Carter and Swoozie Kurts has delivered consistently.  But the show is awful right now.  And if it weren't for Cheyenne as Max, I would turn it off.

Thursday night saw the latest episode.  

It was Sheila's '50th' birthday party.

Kat just gets on my nerves now.  She's so out of touch but, worse, she's evil.  

So she wakes up and Max is making pancakes and we hear her interior monologue about how he slept on the couch and maybe they can just go back to being friends.  They broke up the episode before last.  Excuse me, Kat broke up with Max.

I'm so sick of her.

No, they can't just be friends now.  

She's a control freak.  

She wants to be friends so he's supposed to forget that less than 8 hours before she ended it with him without ever talking about any single problem with him.  And now she thinks she can boss him into friendship?

It gets worse.

Woops, it's Sheila's birthday!  She doesn't want her mother to know they broke up so, for the next few days, he can't tell anyone that they broke up.

So she's dumped him and now she's telling him that even though he's surprised and hurt, he can't talk to anyone about it.

It gets worse.  

He can tell after the birthday party but, by the way, she's going to need to need him to sing a love duet with her at the party for her mother.

I can't stand her.  She is pure evil.  This isn't funny.  She's not a Goldie Hawn character.  She's cold hearted person who destroys Max and thinks she can still boss him around.

The next day, she has a fit because he didn't come home that night and sleep on the couch.

She broke up with him.  She doesn't want to get back with him.  She has no say in who he sleeps with (and he didn't sleep with anyone, by the way).

It was an awful episode because someone seems to think Kat looks cute and loveable.  No, she looks like a bitch.

I can't stand this show now.  I'll watch for Cheyenne for as long as I can.  Then I'm out.  And if Fox announced tomorrow that the show was cancelled, I wouldn't shed a tear.


This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"


April 7, 2023.  A major truth about an Iraq incident emerges and NPR can now report that Duncan Hunter is responsible for the deaths of two US soldiers, Clarence Thomas is corrupt and exposed but look at our 'straight talkers' (grifters who've moved from the left to the right) who just can't find that story, not even for a Tweet -- all this and Tara Reade puts the food down long enough to fan girl over Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Well I guess if you scream and call them out loud enough, if you shame them just enough, even idiots like Tom Bowman can belatedly due their damn job.  Online, I'm referring to "Tom Bowman acts our War Porn while NPR pushes for the money shot" from March 26.  Offline, I'm referring to endless conversations with friends at NPR.  

Tom Bowman is supposed to be a reporter but he filed a 'report' March 16th that was nothing but porn.  His fellow reporter was too busy impersonating a US soldier -- that should be as big a crime as civilians who try to scam people for money.  Graham "G" Smith acting like he's a soldier with his use of  "Man, . . ."  and "bitch" thinking he's sounding like  a solider.  WTF was that?  how insulting to the enlisted.  

I can remember the first time I went to an AIDS hospice.  A friend put it together -- this was back when many were encouraged to fear people with AIDS and told to be wary of even casual contact.  So I applaud the others who went with me but one, a fortyish TV actor, immediately sat down on the floor in a main area, removed his shoes and socks and thought this was a 60s rap session.  And I looked at the people there and noticed them staring at his bare feet with dismay.  This was their home and he thought he was cozying up to them but he actually was insulting some of them with his actions -- which were overly familiar.

That's "G" Smith.  Or should he have been billed on air as "G" Dawg?

If you missed it, here's the opening of the critique we gave:

NPR's cancelled four podcasts.  (See Ruth's "NPR created their own problems.")  They should make it five.  TAKING COVER needs to be cancelled as well.

Tom Bowman's always been more of an idiot than a journalist -- but he really let his stupidity shine last week with a 'report.'  Bowman and company wasted 49 minutes and over 7,500 words to tell you nothing.  NPR should be ashamed of themselves.  They gave your war porn while claiming it was reporting.  

Here's how it started: A tip to Tom about the US military (when? This year? we're never told).    The tip was  about events on April 12, 2004 in Falluja.  The US military lied.  They concealed details of a death.  They didn't just conceal it in real time.  When Bowman and NPR made an open records request, they were told that there were no records.  

This should have been big.  It should have been huge.

A report like this should have ended with the family of the dead Marine -- or his friends -- speaking about how disgusting it was that the US military concealed his death for 'optics.'   It should have had a comment from Senator Jack Reed who is the chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee. 

It didn't.  Instead we got a lot of nonsense.  Including the fact that no one ever needs to hear NPR reporters tossing around the term "man" as though they're buddies with the veterans.  Graham Smith and Tom Bowman aren't part of the Marines.  They are journalists -- someone should have reminded them of that.


They use the 49 minutes  to serve up war porn.  

And to make themselves the stars.

You can listen to the report and find out about how what books and documents the two 'reporters' went through.  As though that's the story?  Because that is what they made the story.  

Not the death, not the cover up.  In fact most people listening to this garbage may not grasp at the end, after 49 minutes, that Bowman and Smith never revealed what the story needed revealed.

Here's Tom Bowman yammering away early in the porn:

 I might run into a colonel I knew in Afghanistan or a general visiting from his overseas command who can tell me what's really going on. But there are some things, well, people just don't want to talk about in the building. So I might call them at home at night, or...


BOWMAN: ...We might meet up at a bar, which is what happened one night at a whiskey bar in D.C. Actually, this very bar, a guy who spent a lot of time in Iraq told me a story very few people knew. He told me that early in the Iraq War, there'd been this tragedy. U.S. Marines had dropped a mortar or a rocket on their own people. That's what they call friendly fire. Now, in this case, he said, one Marine was killed and another seriously wounded. Friendly fire deaths - they happen. They happen in every war throughout history. That's not what made his story shocking. Here's the thing - he said that the Marine brass had actually covered it up, burying the truth about this terrible incident because, he said, the son of a powerful politician was involved in the screw-up.

"SOUNDBITE OF DRINK POURING"?  That was needed to drive home that the two are trying for entertainment not not news.

A death was covered up.  And it was covered up because "the son of a powerful politician was involved in the screw-up."

We need to know why the cover up and we need to know son of a politician.  

They can add sound effects and they can brag on themselves but Bowman and Harris can't deliver the basic facts.

This is shameful.

49 minutes on this and they never told you a damn thing.  It opened with the tip.  49 minutes later, they had not asked anyone with DoD for a public response, they had no response of outrage from no members of Congress -- and we're never told who the son of the politician was.  

But we got sound effects!  We got "G" Dawg talking in a manner he assumed is how soldiers speak.  We got "bitch" on NPR, didn't we?  We got so much -- so very much of nothing.

And as I've noted here, my conversations with NPR friends were not just me complaining.  A large number of people at NPR were bothered by that nonsense as well.

So Tommy Bowman and "G" Dawg were put back on the story but this time with a chaperone -- Chris Haxel.  With a designated adult on the team, 22 days after their 'report,' it can finally be told: Duncan Hunter.

22 days later.  Despite the fact that Tom Bowman was told it was Duncan Hunter on day one, NPR can finally release the name.  I knew the name back in March.  A friend at NPR and I were on the phone and he told me a listener or two had written in asking if it were Beau Biden.  I said, "No, it's not Beau, he wasn't even in Iraq that year.  If someone wants to figure it out, it's not going to be that hard, there weren't a lot of children of Congress members in Iraq.  There's Duncan Hunter --" and he cut me off with, "I didn't say that."  And his nervousness made it clear that it was Duncan.  They were working on getting a report on the air and I said I wouldn't put it up here until they did.  I wasn't trying to 'scoop' them, my point was that it needed to be public knowledge.

On the night of April 12, 2004, a deadly explosion rocked a schoolhouse in Fallujah, Iraq, where U.S. troops had set up a temporary base. Two Marines died and a dozen were wounded, some severely.

But as seared as the fatal explosion is in the men's memory, to the Pentagon it's as if it never happened.

An NPR investigation found that the explosion at the schoolhouse in Fallujah was a tragic accident — the worst Marine-on-Marine "friendly fire" of recent decades. Officers determined almost immediately that the explosion was caused by an errant 81 mm mortar fired by the victims' own comrades, yet the families of the dead men weren't told for years, despite Marine Corps regulations. Some of the wounded have never been told.

Three officers involved in the deadly mortar fire were recommended for punishment, but that was rejected by the Marines' ground commander in Iraq — Maj. Gen. James Mattis. Consequently, no one was ever disciplined.

And NPR found another secret: An officer who was part of the confusion, but was not cited for discipline, was the son of an important and powerful member of Congress. Then-1st Lt. Duncan D. Hunter was working in the command center that mistakenly approved the mortar launch. His father — U.S. Rep. Duncan L. Hunter — was then-chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, responsible for oversight of the war.

For those who don't know of nepo-baby Duncan Hunter, from WIKIPEDIA:

Duncan Duane Hunter (born December 7, 1976) is an American former politician and United States Marine who served as a U.S. representative for California's 50th congressional district from 2013 to 2020. He is a member of the Republican Party, who was first elected to the House in 2008. His district, numbered as the 52nd from 2009 to 2013, encompassed much of northern and inland San Diego County and a sliver of Riverside County, including the cities of El CajonEscondidoSan MarcosSantee and Temecula. He served in the U.S. Marines from 2001 through 2005 and succeeded his father, Republican Duncan Lee Hunter, a member of Congress from 1981 to 2009.

In 2017, the Department of Justice began a criminal investigation into Hunter and his campaign manager and wife Margaret Jankowski, for alleged campaign finance violations.[1][2] In August 2018, both were indicted on charges including conspiracy, wire fraud, and violating campaign finance laws.[3] In June 2019, Jankowski pleaded guilty to corruption and named him as a co-conspirator in using campaign funds for personal expenses.[4]

Also in June 2019, federal prosecutors showed that from 2009 to 2016, Hunter had spent campaign funds on extramarital affairs with five women, including lobbyists and congressional staff.[5][6] In December 2019, Hunter changed his plea to guilty on one count of misusing campaign funds.[7] On January 7, 2020, he submitted letters of resignation to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Governor Gavin Newsom, that took effect on January 13, 2020.[8] On March 17, 2020, Hunter was sentenced to 11 months in prison, scheduled to begin in January 2021.[9][10] He was pardoned by President Donald Trump in December 2020.[11][12][13] The next day Trump pardoned Hunter's wife.[14]

Maybe if old "Mad Dog" had done his job, we wouldn't have had to endure Congress member Little DD Hunter.  But Mad Dog never did what he was required to which is why it was embarrassing to watch some rush to praise him just because he was an enemy of Donald Trump.

NPR's in the news and not for the right reasons.  Twitter has labeled them government funded or something like that.  They do need to be labeled that way, they do get government money.  And the whining over it -- not every friend at NPR agrees with me on this (obviously) -- has been a distraction all week long.  We didn't comment, there was no reason to do so, we had serious issues to cover.   But since we're noting NPR right now -- first time this week, we'll note that.  

And thank you to everyone at NPR who worked so hard to get the truth out -- the truth that Tommy Bowman and "G" Dawg never thought was all that important.

49 minutes about a cover up and they couldn't tell you Duncan Hunter.

Now let's go to the Glenneths.  Starting with Glenneth Greenwald himself.  Not one tweet about Corrupt and Crooked Clary Thomas.  But the transphobes like Glenny insist that there are real issues and it's the transgendered people who are distracting us from them.  Okay, let's go to John Stauber.

Nope.  Not a word.  What about bigot Tara Reade?  

Thank you Tara for speaking with and I today. Courage is contagious. More to come.

Tara, you just get more disgusting.  You really are garbage.  

I honestly thought Jimmy Dore would've Tweeted about it and was about to give him credit for at least breaking from his pack.

This is why we've caught on to your con, people.

Oh, we must defend Donald and it's not about politics, it's about what's right. 

Isn't that the garbage that you transphobes are forever insisting?

No, it's not about anything but your admiration for the Republican Party.

Did someone say Jonathan Turley?

Yep, another transphobe in their con artist group.

I didn't write about Clarence here until right now.  Because Monday through Friday here, I write in the morning.  But even here, we've got these posts:

So five videos on the topic -- one's a CBS NEWS report -- went up here last night and this morning.  Last night, it was the topic of the roundtable for the gina & krista round-robin.   And many community sites covered it.

It is big news.  

Here's some of Elaine's post:

Tonight, I have a question: What do you have to do to get impeached if you're on the Supreme Court?

Your wife being part of organizing a riot doesn't appear to be an issue.  You're breaking the law doesn't appear to be an issue.  Ken Meyer (MEDIATIE) notes:

ProPublica appears to have sparked a looming media uproar with their bombshell report on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ acceptance of luxurious perks from a Republican megadonor, which Thomas never disclosed as required by law.

The report delves into multiple instances over the years where the conservative justice and his wife, Ginni, were treated to lavish vacations, yacht cruises, and flights on a private jet, all on the dime of billionaire real estate developer Harlan Crow. ProPublica analyzed flight records, internal documents, and interviews with dozens of Crow’s employees to track his access to Thomas and the number of times he schmoozed with Crow and his friends while accepting princely trips to exclusive locations.

Crow gave ProPublica a statement on his friendliness with the Thomases while claiming he and his cohorts “never sought to influence Justice Thomas on any legal or political issue.” However, ProPublica reports that Justice Thomas never revealed anything about this in his financial disclosures, which raises the possibility he violated ethical norms along with a law requiring public officials to disclose these kinds of gifts.

He needs to be immediately removed from the bench.  He cannot effectively rule on others and other issues when he himself cannot follow the law.  He needs to be removed.  Their should be zero tolerance.  This is not a kid.  This is not someone who doesn't know the law.

Clarry T is not only supposed to know the law, he's supposed to rule on it. 

If he can't follow the law himself, no one should have any confidence in him as a judge.  He needs to be removed from the Court immediately.  Failure on the part of Congress to take action would constitute a dereliction of duty.

Crooked Clarry Thomas needs to resign immediately or he needs to be impeached and removed from the Supreme Court. Natalie Musumeci and Oma Seddig (Business Insider) report:

US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been taking secret lavish vacations on a private jet and superyacht paid for by a GOP megadonor for years without disclosing them, according to a bombshell ProPublica report published Thursday.

Thomas, a conservative who joined the nation's highest court in 1991 and is currently the longest-serving member, has accepted the trips from real estate magnate and Republican donor Harlan Crow nearly every year for more than two decades, ProPublica reported, citing flight records, internal documents, and interviews.  
According to the report, Thomas has vacationed with Crow on his 162-foot yacht around the world, flown around on Crow's Bombardier Global 5000 jet, and stayed at his private resort in the Adirondacks almost every summer. 

A June 2019 Indonesia vacation that Thomas and his wife went on, thanks to Crow, could have cost more than an estimated $500,000 if Thomas had chartered the yacht and plane himself, according to the report.

This is corruption plain and simple.  He needs to be off the Court immediately.  There is no excuse for doing it and there's no excuse for failing to report it.  This is corruption and this is betrayal of the public trust.  There is no way that he can continue to serve on the bench.  If Democrats allow him to they're spitting on the rule of law.

Everyone is accountable and no one is above the law.

He needs to go.  This is grossly offensive.  He needs to go.  He needs to go immediately.

Now for some news.  Elaine's writing about PROPUBLICA's expose on Crooked Clarence.  Thomas has not been reporting many ''gifts'' such as private jet travel.  He is dishonest, he is shady and he needs to resign.   John Wagner (WASHINGTON POST) reports:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) vowed in a statement that his panel would take action in response to the ProPublica report, calling the behavior of Thomas “simply inconsistent with the ethical standards the American people expect of any public servant, let alone a Justice on the Supreme Court.”

Durbin and other Democrats renewed calls for the Supreme Court to adopt a strict ethics code that would include a process for investigating alleged misconduct, and some Democrats called on Thomas to resign.

“This cries out for the kind of independent investigation that the Supreme Court — and only the Supreme Court, across the entire government — refuses to perform,” tweeted Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), who has sponsored legislation that would direct the court to adopt an ethics code.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), who is chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on financial services and general government, promised to use the appropriations process to ensure that the Supreme Court adopts a code of conduct similar to other members of the federal judiciary.

“The Supreme Court should have a code of ethics to govern the conduct of its members, and its refusal to adopt such standards has contributed to eroding public confidence in the highest court in the land," Van Hollen said in a statement.

“Is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas corrupt? I don’t know,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), a member of the House leadership team, said in a tweet. “But his secretive actions absolutely have the appearance of corruption. … For the good of the country, he should resign.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who has previously called for Thomas to step down, renewed her call Thursday, saying “[t]his degree of corruption is shocking — almost cartoonish.”

He resigns or he gets impeached -- those are the only two choices.  He's made a mockery of the law and he's no longer fit to preside over it.  Resign or be impeached.  And shame on anyone who doesn't have the backbone to push impeachment if he refuses to resign.  We either have a Supreme Court that follows the law or we don't.  And his corruption reeks.  

This is not minor.  The con artists have slammed transgender people and have told us that they are a distraction.  There are important issues to focus on, they insist.  As they focus on Donald Trump and how wrong his case is.  What case?  He's been charged, he hasn't been tried but they're acting as though he's behind bars on death row.  They can't make time to defend the transgender community and, in fact, they ridicule it.  And they're just calling balls and strikes, understand.  This isn't about partisanship. 


Clarence is an embarrassment for the Republican Party so they just all happen to ignore it?

No, they're exposing themselves.

What Clarence did is outrageous.  

And they have no comment.  Not even a damn Tweet.

He needs to resign and if he won't resign he needs to be impeached.  The Supreme Court is for sale -- that's the message Clarence has sent with his actions.  He cannot rebuild the public trust.  

He needs to go.

But they can't say that.  I guess they haven't gotten their marching orders yet from Tallahassee? 

Let's stay on Jonathan Turley for a moment because he came up in a Zoom yesterday and I made a point that I didn't realize wasn't well known.  It goes to how outrageous his transphobia has been.  I was talking about how disgraceful that this person holding the Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University had been.  A young man asked me what "public interest law" is?  That's a good question.

Public interest law is defined as anything affecting the well-being, the rights, health, or finances of the public at large, most commonly advocating for those living in poverty or marginalized populations. While it can be tireless work, and the financial rewards are not great, on campuses across the country, the desire to “give back” is growing.

Jonathan holds the chair and spends all of his time obsessing over millionaire Donald Trump.  In the last 12 months, he's only offered one defense (and that was last week and only because his image of a transphobe is building across the country) -- and  a weak one -- of the attacks taking place.

Every week, that community is attacked.

This is QUEER NEWS TONIGHT from yesterday.

Jonathan Turley is not fit to hold that chair.  He's a Trump apologist who does nothing to defend the powerless.  He's taken more recently to attacking schools and public education.  He's sold his soul to FOX "NEWS."

He and the others have exposed themselves, have shown their true nature.  Their silence on Clarence Thomas should be the last clue anyone needs.

The following sites updated:

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Nancy's down for that



“For some reason, you have a very bad obsession of getting us into war. Hey, why is it that you did not admit that there were no WMDs in Iraq? You lied us into a war in Iraq. You got us to invade Afghanistan. Now over 90 percent of those people are impoverished and are dying. Why don’t you tell the truth about Nordstream?” he said, accusing Pelosi of being a “war criminal.”

Another protester stood up and screamed at Pelosi, admitting he was disappointed because he came to see a “warmonger,” but only got a “sad old drunk.”




It's time for THUS SPOKE GLENNETHUSTRA.  Yes, it's time for Glenneth Greenwald and his  transphobia.  I'm being told that the link I provided isn't working.  Did he pull the piece?  I believe I just copied and pasted it.  I've got to take a shower after this dictation is done -- I'm on a treadmill right now -- and then a Zoom with a college on the east coast so I'll put a note in later as to the link or if it's gone.  [Added, here's the link.]  If there are any misquotes, I'm doing this from memory, I read the piece online last night before going to bed.  Glenneth writes to an e-mailer who is troubled by his transphobia:

As you rightly point out, I rarely talk about trans issues, in part because I generally try to avoid talking about anything where I have nothing unique to say due to lack of expertise or passion (which is how I feel about the trans debate), in part because I do think the Culture War (often by design but always in effect) distracts and divides us from larger and more consequential questions about how and where power is wielded, but in larger part because it's mostly an easy issue for me: I think adults should have the absolute right to do and be however they want, pursue whatever makes them happiest and most fulfilled, and they ought be respected both legally and socially regardless of those choices, including but by no means limited to pronoun use, which doesn't bother me at all. That's a principle in which I believe strongly: that society should be constructed to facilitate and maximize the self-actualization of the individual. That was not only the foundation of the successful effort to obtain equal rights for gay men and lesbians but also the core precept on which the Culture War consensus over the last 20 years or so was based, a consensus now sadly unraveling primarily over this issue.

The Culture War?  He's a coward.  He was a coward in college -- I have the receipts,  him in his too big jeans, walking around campus, farting all the time -- I'm serious he had some gas problem -- I know all of it and he's still a craven coward taking what's offered him.  He refused to fight as a gay man and instead cozied up to right-wingers and hoped to be their mascot.  He was pathetic then.  The same refusal to fight was evident in his departure from THE INTERCEPT.  He's an attorney.  The term "breach of contract" should be a familiar one to him.  He refused to sue THE INTERCEPT while making his grand stand.  And that's because Glenn never fights.  Coward.

Trans people, he insists, are distractions and divisions pulling "us from larger and more consequential questions about how and where power is wielded."  Spoken like a true Karen, Glenneth.  Trans people are in the minority, they are oppressed by the government and for you to pretend otherwise goes to both your cowardice and your stupidity.  

If you can't grasp his stupidity, Karen Hunter and her guests rejected that argument yesterday noting that it's target the transgendered right now, develop a blue print to use on others.

Glenneth is speaking of 'self-actualization'?  He really is an idiot.  No, self-actualization was not behind Stonewall or any other major LGBTQ+ protest and/or rebellion.  It was about equality.  If you hadn't been so scared of being seen as gay throughout most of your life, you might know some LGBTQ+ history.  But you were a stupid moron and you were too cowardly to read the books you should have in order to educate yourself.  What if ____ saw you with the book!!!  You know who I mean, Glenneth, the right-winger you crushed on in college but he was straight.  You did everything but doodle his name on your classroom notes.

He goes to Maslow because Glenneth doesn't believe in equality.  So he goes with the best of each own blah blah blah.  Amazing how offensive the words equality are too him until you remember that he is a right-winger.

He then appears to be saying -- read it carefully and grasp that logic is not his skill nor is presentation -- that gay and lesbian rights -- he ignores others -- are faltering now "unraveling primarily over this issue" -- trans people.  First off, learn some history you ahistorical idiot.  Second, trans rights are causing a backlash?  

Oh what a shocker.  I noted that reality last year.  And didn't couch it.  Yes, they are.  And I also noted that the backlash was coming anyway.  If anything Ls and Gs are lucky that trans persons have been taking the bulk of the scorn because they would otherwise be the primary target.  Instead, trans persons are the ones taking the hit but this is about everyone that is seen as an enemy of the right -- pro-choice, pro-equality, pro-democracy.  

We progressed as a society throughout the 90s and the 00s and marriage equality coming in the '10s was a huge step for Americans.  Progress is never a brisk walk down the road.  Instead, people throw up barriers and blockades -- hate constructs that they pursue never grasping how ugly they come off to the people around them.  

An attack was coming regardless and it focused on transgender persons primarily (make no mistake, if an anti-trans agenda was achieved tomorrow, these same hate merchants would be going after lesbians and gay men).

Glenneth is wrong about the so-called "consensus" -- it's been ripped apart by liars which is why you need to call it out.  The playbook -- as we pointed out long before others started noting it -- was a repeat of Anita Bryant in the 70s.  Groomers was used to attack gay men back then and it's used to attack trans people   It's why history is important.  You need to know what happened before.  The hate merchants of the 70s used lies just as is happening now.  And they're running off support with their ugly remarks.  That happened in the 70s as well.  The more hatred emerged, the more obvious that we weren't dealing with people who were loving and caring and believed in the best for the country.  We were dealing with hateful, dishonest people who would just as soon turn on your straight ass as they did on gay men.  

FOX NEWS, as we've been the only ones to note (not bragging, just pointing out reality -- I'd love it others noted it, we could just link to it and I wouldn't have to spoon feed repeatedly) has reached its own tipping point.  They aren't sure how to proceed.  Basic cable subscribers are still with them.  If this were 1994, that might be a good business model.

It's 2023 and that doesn't cut it.  FOX NEWS no longer has FOX entertainment to help it out during tough patches.  THE SIMPSONS network is now part of ABC-DISNEY, et al.  To generate revenues, it is important that FOX NEWS has a streaming service.  FOX NATION was born.  And it looked like it was doing okay.  That was a mirage brought on by Roseanne Barr.  Interest in her return to stand up led to a lot of people signing up.  Some dropped it without ever paying -- using the trial system.  Many more dropped it six weeks or so after.  We noted that reality when it happened and we noted that in the "reason" for dropping, people were referring to the broadcasting of hate.  There was a Catholic male, for example, who identified as Catholic, stated he was religious but noted that FOX NEWS' idea of religious did not fit with him.  He stated he did not know any trans people but even he was offended by the coverage.  I've seen hundreds (thousands?) of the responses.  How bad is it?  Days ago, FOX NATION started reaching out with an offer of $1.99 a month if any of those people would sign back up.

They need subscribers.

DISNEY+ lied about subscribers.  The huge drop off they have right now is not a huge drop off.  They've actually stabilized.  But they lied for months about their numbers -- they did lie -- and that's one of the things that Bob Iger is not going to put up with.  They had to get honest.  But they were able to lie because trade papers -- VARIETY, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, etc -- print any lie.  They're not real journalists (especially at THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) and NETFLIX would lie that X number streamed whatever film or series and it would be printed as fact.  No you type up "NETFLIX claims they had . . ."  Industry reporters -- unless they hate you -- do not ask you to back up anything and run with any claim.  So FOX NATION may claim that they're doing well -- that would keep their stock afloat.  But they are not doing well.  That's reality.

Why I was seeking out the data on that was because of history.  If this is happening to people who would subscribe to FOX NATION in the first place, this means they're losing from the center and the right.  This is the beginning of a turning point.  How long that will take, I have no idea.  But the hate merchants are repelling people that previously weren't repelled.

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