Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Stupid idiot

Well this is a BFD. Russian Intelligence agents are reportedly responsible for planting the Seth Rich conspiracy theory — you know, the one that Roger Stone, Julian Assange, Alex Jones, & Sean Hannity turned into headline news.

What is it about being White that lets you think you know every damn thing?

When has this bitch ever Tweeted about the murder of Fred Hampston.

So Dumb Bitch Orr -- who really needs a new photo, come on -- watched Michael's video report.  I watched it too.

I watched it with an open mind.  I wanted it to be true.  I wanted Michael's assertions to be true. 

But all he had was assertions.  Where's the proof?

And we're left with the fact that Michael pimped a nothingburger for months -- Russia-gate.  Remember?

He had to walk it back a few months ago -- after pimping it for years.

Where is the support for your claims this go round, Michael?

I streamed all six installments.  And I wanted to believe.

But all I got were assertions from Michael.

There are political murders.

I realize that entitled White bitches may not grasp that.  I realize that Fred Hampton is a name that means nothing to them because he wasn't White.

But political murders do happen.

Was that what happened to Seth Rich?

I have no idea.

I wanted to believe Michael did but, again, I streamed all six installments.

It would be great if people could use the brains that God gave them instead of marching in herds but I guess that's what dumb bitches like Caroline Orr have to do.

By the way, I have no relationship with Michael.  A lot of the people -- not Caroline, I'm speaking of others -- Tweeting praise to Michael can't make the same claim and might need to be disclosing that this 'blockbuster report' they're so thrilled with was written by one of their friends.  The Circle Jerk lives on.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, July 9, 2019.  Corruption and spin continue -- and new questions for Joe Biden about ethics.

The Iraq army, along with the Popular Mobilization Units that includes the , tribal groups and U.S.-led Coalition warplanes, began phase one of the ‘Will of Victory’ Operation against ISIS on Sunday to secure the provinces of Nineveh, Salahaddin and Anbar.

Sunday, Iraq launched Will of Victory.  How do we know it's accomplishing nothing?  Due to the lies of success already being made.

Significant progress made by ’s Armed Forces during the first 24 hours of Operation ‘Will of Victory’ in the desert regions of Anbar, Ninawa and Salahuddin. Around 30 villages have been cleared & upwards of 50 [ISIS] camp sites, “guesthouses” and arms caches destroyed.

Noted Shi'ite propagandist H. Sumeri is our source for claims of success?

Yea, they're in trouble.

How long did H. Sumeri proclaim success with regards to 'liberating' Ramadi?  Or Mosul?  Yes, they're in trouble.

Or, alternative option, they're just not really accomplishing anything.

They're apparently trying that glorious 'clear and hold' strategy that everyone's been after since David Petraeus was the top US commander in Iraq.  Clear and hold has never really worked.

Can it ever work?

If they want to invest in hundreds of thousands troops and to attempt it only in a very tiny region (say one province), it might.  It might not.

The issue is one of legitimacy and these efforts have never had legitimacy.

The Iraqi government is not a government that serves the Iraqi people.  There has been no buy-in.  It is a corrupt government installed by the US government.  It's interests are not the well being of the Iraqi people.  Corruption is rampant.  Mosul, for example, two years after liberation there is still no rebuilding worth noting.  Where did that money go?

The Iraqi government was really good at forcing some people out of camps in the hopes that they could make them return to Mosul.  They just weren't very good about rebuilding Mosul.

Or much of anything.  Remember when THE NEW YORK TIMES, under Bully Boy Bush, used to report on the 'progress' in Iraq's judicial system?  Even they had to throw in the towel on that nonsense.  And it remains a problem to this day.

Camp on steroids. 1,000s of suspects languish in squalid, overcrowded facilities in that amount to inhuman treatment. A "ticking time bomb."

And speaking of Iraq and corruption, a new charge has emerged regarding former Vice President Joe Biden who is currently seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Did you know: Joe Biden's brother, James Biden was given a $1.5 Billion dollar government contract to build homes in Iraq during the Obama Administration How many billion dollar deals were given to the Biden family while he was VP? Why is this getting no coverage? RT!

True?  October 22, 2012, Joel Gehrke (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) reported:

HillStone International won a coveted government contract in part because the company has “the little brother of the vice president as a partner,” as David Richter, president of HillStone’s parent company explained to investors in a recent meeting reported on by Fox Business today.
“Since November 2010, James Biden has been the executive vice president of Hill International’s housing subsidiary despite little if any documented work history in residential construction,” Fox explains. “And if the company’s projections are accurate, both Hill and Biden are on the verge of a huge payday, beneficiaries, some analysts believe, of James Biden’s connections to the Obama Administration through his older brother.”

True?  I still don't know.  I want a stronger source on the issue.

We have already seen Hunter Biden getting employment and windfalls as he followed his father around.  Did James Biden also make it onto the gravy train and is this a question that the press intends to explore?

It matters.  The Iraqi people were not helped by James Biden or HillStone International.  The American people were not helped by millions of their tax dollars being turned over to this inept company.

Joe Biden record: Iraq, banks, crime, and more -

Joe Biden's record?  With regards to Iraq, his record is obscene and, therefore, none of his family should have been involved in anything to do with Iraq -- certainly nothing to do with profiting off of Iraq.

Joe is one of the most hated Americans in Iraq.  He earned that after the illegal war started.  How?  By repeatedly insisting that Iraq should be split up.  This played to the Kurds but did not play to the Shia and the Sunni.  As we said repeatedly in real time as Joe proposed this over and over, if this is an idea that comes from the Iraqi people, fine -- but if not, it needs to be tossed aside.

As late as 2008, while he ran for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination (he'd bow out after the Iowa caucus), Joe was still proposing this.  He had no understanding of Iraq.  He would hector Ayad Allawi and others in the fall of 2010 that Iraq was like Ireland and no one -- including US military personnel present -- could figure out what the hell Joe Biden was attempting to say this time.

As for the Kurds, he sold them out.  They were tricked by him repeatedly and had Jalal Talabani remained healthy and in power, Joe could have continued to trick them because Jalal was an idiot.  But Jalal's stroke took him out of power.  And the Kurds started connecting Joe's failed promises (lies) to a history of promises made by the US government but never kept -- going back to the administration of Richard Nixon.

When Joe became Vice President, he had strong ties to the Kurds.  But the Kurds noticed that these ties did not help them from that moment forward.  Instead, Joe used the 'friendship' to get the Kurds to back down on this or settle for that, time and again, their own interests were destroyed by Joe.  Hero Talabani, Jalal's widow, has been stating that the friendship cost the Kurds and when even Hero is slamming you, you're no longer a friend of the Kurds.

Joe is one of 24 candidates seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

24?  Yes, one of the male candidates has withdrawn from the race.

This is SHOCKING!!! I mean with his total lack of charisma & personality it’s a wonder even he thought he could be a contender. Every soundbite basically needed to end with “PLEASE CLAP” Swalwell Becomes First Democrat to Drop Out of Presidential Race

Despite Donald Trump Jr.'s claim, Eric Swalwell actually does have personality and chemistry.

Of all the men on the stage during the first two debates last month, Eric's the last one who should have dropped out.

It's a crowded field and it is hard for anyone to stand out unless you are the press favorite -- like Joe has been.  There are many candidates who are polling low but are building up a base and if they continue to work at it, we're still over a year away from the election, they should see their polling increase.

Eric has stated he wants to focus on his re-election (to the US House of Representatives) and that's his right.  But Donald Trump Jr. is not the last word and, based on his remarks regarding Eric, DTJ is also not a very astute critic.

Rep. Eric Swalwell on endorsing: "I'm really impressed with the field. I'm not going to make any decisions right now."
0:16 / 0:20

It's way too soon for an endorsement but if and when he makes one, he should get some promise on an issue he campaigned on.

24 candidates remain currently.  All six women remain in the race.

  • Want a president who will put your interests ahead of the rich and powerful? Meet Tulsi Gabbard -->
    Enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights are freedoms that many have fought and sacrificed to protect. We cannot be complacent and allow them to be undermined.

    At the debates last month, the candidates were asked how we'd deal with Mitch McConnell if we're elected president. Here’s one solution: We replace him. I'm proud to endorse for U.S. Senate. Let's win this fight—support her campaign now:
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: President Trump, and every member of his administration responsible for the abuses committed against immigrant families, must be held accountable. I refuse to accept another year-plus of children traumatized at our government’s hands.

  • The facts are clear: ’s only environmental priority is to stuff the pockets of Big Oil & Big Coal companies that deepen the & poison our water & air.
    Wall Street is lobbying policymakers to weaken the rules for their new ways to trick & trap people into debt. This time it's student debt – but we’ve seen this story before. That's why , , and I have sounded the alarm.

  • Because of your help, I was able to make my case to millions of Americans last month. Help me take the fight to Donald Trump.
    Thanks for your good work and I know that you will continue to be a national leader to end gun violence, speak truth to power and so much else.

    So great the ubiquitous power of the military-industrial-complex that in a presidential campaign w/ 20 candidates only 2 even dare mention it (both women).So entrenched the perception that brute force is our only problem-solving option that to question it is made to look “weird.”
  • NY Magazine calls me a “peacemonger”...says my views “highly unusual” for “deep permanent defense-spending cuts & complete reorientation of international relations to focus on conflict prevention.” That I “challenge mainstream views of America’s role in the world.” IMAGINE THAT!

    Unbought and unbossed, Shirley Chisholm served as a role model for so many of us. She used her voice to speak for those who otherwise would not have a voice in the political process. It’s time we honor her with a statue in the Capitol.
    This weekend at , I announced that as president, I’ll make a $100 billion federal investment to put homeownership within reach for those who live in redlined communities.

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