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Green Party US Statement on Mass Shooting in Buffalo, NY

Press release from the Green Party:

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States stands in coalition with all who seek to end the culture of violence and politics of corruption that enable violent extremists.

Green Party of the United States

For Immediate Release:
May 19, 2022

Michael O'Neil, Communications Manager,, 202-804-2758
Diana C. Brown, Co-Chair, Media Committee,, 202-804-2758
Philena Farley, Co-Chair, Media Committee,, 202-804-2758

“The tragedy in Buffalo, NY on Saturday, May 14, is yet another reminder that racist violence is a fact of life in the U.S. This is not new – it has been happening for centuries. White supremacist terrorism is part of a culture and governmental system that violently oppresses Black people and other people of color at every turn, whether through police killings or mass shootings." said Philena Farley, National Black Caucus Media Co-Chair and Green Party US Media Co-Chair.

This act of white supremacist terrorism is just the latest in a long string of racist and fascist violence in the United States. A direct product of the toxic rhetoric and fascistic delusion of a “Great Replacement” conspiracy promoted by the so-called “alt-right,” the Buffalo attack represents a perversely intersectional hatred toward a staggeringly large and diverse array of people. Radical solidarity is the surest way — the only way — to overcome such an abhorrent movement.

It is our belief that all struggles for liberation from modes of oppression are part of the same fight. Our commitment to ecosocialism and the interdependence of people’s movements is expressed through our founding Four Pillars of Non-violence, Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy and Social Justice and, more recently, in our 2018 “Resolution in Opposition to Rising Fascism,” which includes four recommendations for action:

  • Show up, protect your community: we must organize coalitions to publicly oppose hate groups and fascists and protect the most vulnerable among us
  • Lift up the voices of the vulnerable: listen to the targeted people in our communities, amplify their voices in spaces where they have been marginalized, and protect their First Amendment right to speak against those who intend them harm
  • Help to shift the public discourse about fascism: use all available channels to reinforce the message that everyone on this Earth — Black, Brown, Muslim, immigrant, LGBTQIA+, and Indigenous — has the right to life, dignity, and protection from racist violence, economic exploitation and state repression
  • Don’t settle for the status quo — the point is to change it: fascists and white supremacists gain traction and recruits by manipulating the alienation and suffering wrought by the existing power structure. We must demonstrate the possibilities and fulfill the promise of making a just, sustainable, and equitable world that puts people, planet, and peace over profit!


Green Party US Resolution in Opposition to Rising Fascism,  December 16, 2018

How to Confront the US Culture of Violence. Hawkins, Howie., August 11, 2019

Green Party of the United States


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This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

 Wednesday, May 25, 2022.  Joe Biden continues to persecute Julian Assange,  possible plot against Bully Boy Bush, the stalemate continues in Iraq . . . 

US President Joe Biden continues to persecute Julian Assange for Julian's 'crime' of reporting the truth.  The world watches as Joe targets Julian and declares war on a free press.  At SCHEERPOST, Joe Lauria notes:

At some point during the next nine days, British Home Secretary Priti Patel will decide whether or not to extradite imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange to the United States to face espionage charges for publishing accurate information revealing U.S. war crimes.

Pressure is building from both sides on the home secretary.  Press freedom and human rights organizations, a Nobel laureate, the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner, journalists and Assange supporters have appealed to Patel to let Assange go.  

While it would be deemed improper for outside influence to be brought on judges, it would not be fanciful to imagine that behind the scenes Patel is getting the message from the U.S. Department of Justice and possibly from U.S. and U.K. intelligence services about what is expected of her.

The home secretary should know without prodding what the U.S. and British governments want her to do. Patel is a highly-ambitious politician who no doubt will calculate how her decision will impact her career. 

“Politicians think about their next election, they think about their voters … that’s what makes them tick,” Kristinn Hrafnnson, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, told Consortium News at a protest outside the Home Office in London last Wednesday. “For the first time it’s in the hands of a politician, and Priti Patel, if she wants to think about her legacy … she should do the right thing.” 

Really, Joe?  Then maybe we should all be applying pressure to Joe Biden who faces a huge upset in the mid-terms.  Joe Biden is the one who can end it.  Joe can drop the charges immediately.  The left -- faux and real -- has been so pathetic for years now.  With few exceptions, they refuse to make demands.  Joe L wants yu to scare a British politician.  But Joe L is Americn.  And Joe Biden is American.  We're getting as pathetic as  that blogger Luke back in 2005 and 2005, remember him?  An Australian citizen blogging from Australia who spent every day railing against Bully Boy Bush and Tony Blair for the Iraq War yet never calling out John Howard.  He was the ruler of Australia.  But Luke was too pathetic to call out the politician in his own coutry.

That's how Joe L is looking right now.

Joe Biden can end this.  Joe Biden should end this.  But when you're doing everything but demanding Joe Biden end it, you're not really doing anything except looking pathetic.

do we want to game this thing out?

Let's say Joe L gets what he wants and the British politician refuses to hand Julian over to the US.  That becomes the official position.  So they release Julian and allow him to book a flight to Australia.  Do you think the US government grabs him at tHeathrow Airport or do you think they wait until he lands in Austraia and they grab him there?

Because that it what would likely happen.  

Both the UK and the Australian government would likely be very cooperative with the US government and possibly even assist.

And Julian would be disappeared.  

Joe L is trying to plug holes on the sinking boat Julian's trapped on instead of rescuing him.

Joe Biden has got to be pressured to stop this persecution.  

And that means some of the timid on the left need to find their voices and use them.

Their voices.

Some idiot e-mailed the public account about how happy I must be that ISIS went after Bully Boy Bush.  First off, did they?

I think they have more on their plate and this was probably some wanna-be.  I could be wrong.

But, no, I don't want Bully Boou Bush murdered.  That's too easy for him.  I want him to be shunned, I want him -- and his family -- to know that blood is on his hands and will be forever more.  I want him to be haunted by the ghosts of dead Iraqis to the point that he fears sleep.

I wouldn't mind seeing him in prison but I don't want him murdered.

You murder him and you create sympathy and the revisionary nonsense that's already taken place with regards to that War Criminal gets even more intense.

He is an awful man.  If you use violence on him, you are helping him.  All we need to combat Bully Boy Bush is our voices.  We need to boo him when he tries to go out in public.  We need to remind him over one million Iraqis are dead because of him.  And we need to make it clear to an idiot like him, even him, that it is not a joking matter and we are not laughing.

Killing him is too easy.  

And it's also the weakest move you can make.  He needs to be Glenn Close t the end of DANGEROS LIASONS.

Alina Romanowski was finally sworn in as US Ambassador to Iraq yesterday.  US Vice President Kamala Harris swore her in.  Hopefully, she can now leave DC and head to Iraq.

Iraq where the political stalemate continues.  Elections were held October 10th and still no prime minister, still no president.  Only the foolish observers were shocked by the Iraqi court ruling  tht the holdover prime minister does not have the power to implement long range plans for Iraq.  Maybe now, observers will start to take the stalemate seriously?  

We're 16 days away from eight months since the election and the rulers can't pull it together still.  Will every US reporter who hailed Moqtada back in October as a "kingmaker" step forward so we can mock them?

There was never a reason to make that claim.  He had no pattern of being a kingmaker.  He was an ineffective cleric who ran in and out of Iraq anytime he thought the bench warrant against him was going to be issued.  

His hold on his cult has grown less and less.  There are very real complaints against him coming out of even Sadr City -- the slum he holds sway over that has seen no improvements despite his so-called rise to power.  His voters showed up in lower numbers in the October election.

He's at his weakest.  The young Shi'ites mock him publicly.  

But ignoring all of this, US observers kept insisting that he was a kingmaker.  Still want to pimp that claim today?

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