Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jay Jeffries needs to step into the 21st century

There are a lot of comments that I disagree with left on Senator Gillibrand's post.

You know what?

That's okay.

We can disagree.

That's life and our disagreeing doesn't mean that one of us is a bad person, just that we have different opinions.

But of the 80 or so comments I did read, there is one that I can't just disagree with, it's this comment by Jay Jeffries who looks well beyond teenage years.

Jay Jeffries Patting women's behinds is not cool but it's a far cry from actual sexual assault. As for Leeann Tweeden, I'm very skeptical about her accusations. Too many pictures surfacing of her kissing him with her arm around his neck, pictures of her grabbing a man's behind, knowing that she is paid by Robert Mercer. This sounds like another one of Roger Stone's dirty tricks.
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"Patting women's behinds is not cool but it's a far cry from actual sexual assault."

Jay, you were raped when?

Because, as I've noted many times here, I was raped.  I went to court on it, my rapist went to jail.

I am lucky in that regard.

Many who are raped do not have as strong an attorney or as wise a judge as I did.

Many who are raped are attacked in court (I was).

Many are scared to come forward because of what happens in court (which often feels like a second assault).

When Jay knows anything about that, he might grasp that assault is assault.

And you can start by saying "it's just this" -- where does that end eventually?

With some woman being told, "Oh, he just raped you.  There's this woman over here who was gang-raped."

Wrong is wrong, Jay.

And you're dead wrong to bring in anything Leeann did.  If she grabbed someone's behind?  So what.  Doesn't mean Al Franken didn't assault her.

Al Franken is now accused by seven women.  LeeAnn is only one of those.  Another is an Iraq War veteran.  Today's is a former Democratic Congressional staffer.

Seven women and there are a lot more out there.  (I know three who participated in the gina & krista round-robin and haven't yet come forward but stated they would if the women weren't believed.)

C.I. has written of this repeatedly.  She knows Franken.  She has stated repeatedly that this is what he does.  She has seen it.  She has called it out to his face and he thinks it's funny.

It's not funny, Jay.

It's not right, Jay.

You might get a thrill -- you might not -- if someone was grabbing your body.

This woman right here?  I don't.  And I didn't get a thrill if I was grabbed before I got raped.

My body is my body.

I do with it what I want.

Jay, your body is your body and you can do with it what you want.

But if I grab you or you grab me, that's not appropriate.

My children can grab onto me (out of fear or love) and my husband Cedric and I grab onto each other.  But this idea that entertainer or senator Al Franken can?


My body is my body.

And, Jay, I'm sure there are women in your life that you love.

Before you type next about what's okay, picture that sister, that mother, that cousin, that friend, that niece, whomever.

Picture her as the one being assaulted.

Maybe then you'll understand what you are missing today.

You don't believe Leeann.  That's your opinion.  (I have no idea why you're ignoring the six others.)

But grabbing someone's ass or their breasts?  That's assault.

That's not opinion, that's fact.

Step into the 21st century, Jay Jeffries, I'm sure you have much to offer and will do so once you grasp what assault is.

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